Next Meeting Tuesday, April 3rd, 2018

Meetings are held the first Tuesday of the month at the Columbia Station VFW 25742 Royalton Rd, Columbia Station, OH starting at 7pm. There is a social hour from 6 to 7 P.M. The kitchen will be open if you would like to order food. We'll make sure the doors are open by 6:00 P.M.

All are encouraged to come early and order dinner from the VFW kitchen. The hall is ours to use, at no charge. In return, we would like to support their business as much as possible.

Visitors welcome. If you would like to become a chapter member dues are $20 for the year. National membership is recommended but no longer required. Let's make 2018 a year of rejuvenation and growth!

(The CS VFW also has a great Friday Fish fry now through Good Friday!)


Here is our tentative calendar so far for 2018:

April 3 - monthly meeting 7-8:30, social hour from 6-7

April ? – Operation rain check – tour of Oberlin center

May 1 - monthly meeting 7-8:30, social hour from 6-7

May 18 - Cookout and set-up party at DAC

May 19 - Discover Aviation Day and Young Eagle rally

June 5 - monthly meeting 7-8:30, social hour from 6-7

July 3  - monthly meeting 7-8:30, social hour from 6-7    (may be moved to the 10th due to 7/4)

July 23-29 - OSHKOSH! 

August 7 - monthly meeting 7-8:30, social hour from 6-7

Sept 4 - monthly meeting 7-8:30, social hour from 6-7

September 15 - Flyro Gyro 

October 2 - monthly meeting 7-8:30, social hour from 6-7

November 6 - monthly meeting 7-8:30, social hour from 6-7

December 1 or 2 - Christmas party

EAA Chapter 1252 Meeting notes from Tuesday, March 6th, 2018

Twenty-six people were in attendance. Good to see everyone come out! Hopefully the momentum will continue to grow & we will have a good year, full of fun, safe events!!

Presentation by Jeff Schans – Thunderbolt Sales mgr on Lycoming Thunderbolt engine. Great presentation with a lot of good questions afterwards.

Mike W – would like to get a feeling on how many members are really serious in joining the DACFC if we were to get a light sport plane – could be flown for young eagles – an EAA chapter can’t have a flying club – this would be a good bridge for chapter members to have access to fly.

Ted G – dues are due! Please pay. Dues are still only $20. You may pay Ted, Vicki, or mail to PO 552, Columbia Station, 44028. Please make checks payable to EAA Chapter 1252.

Mike W again mentioned it would be nice to have banners. Vicki will talk to Drew about having the Davis Aerospace & Maritime HS kids create something in their Fab Lab. Otherwise, we will go through EAA. We would like something before DAD in May.

Boy Scout Aviation Merit Badge day is this Saturday. Steve is making booklets. We would like to fly kids if possible. Ray may be able to fly and there is a DACFC meeting that day. Hopefully a couple or so members would be willing to take a couple flights up. Lunch will be provided. Vicki will look into insurance, although we’re not sure if it is needed since it is a Boy Scout event with EAA pilots flying young eagles. We could use more volunteers. Let Doug or Steve J know if you can help out. So far, we have Doug, Mike M, Steve J, Patty A, Ken S and Vicki. Vicki will go Friday and try to clean up the hangar a bit & get supplies ready to go.

Steve Steele from the FAA spoke about importance of maintenance. If you can afford a plane, you can’t not afford the maintenance!

March 17 or 24 will be a "What Is The Wings Program" at I64.

Kent State days are coming up on Thursday, April 12th.  

Mike M – We have at least partial points to send a student to Air Academy. Darryn’s son was considering going but will wait until next year. Let Mike know if you know of a 12-16 yr old who might be interested. Otherwise, we will use the points to go towards banners or business cards.

Ray E mentioned he was interested in IMC club. Is it something we would be interested in? Bob T pointed out Chapter 846 has one in Wadsworth which is open to everyone. Our members could go there if interested.

Sarah K said the center in Oberlin would be willing to give us a tour on a Tuesday or Saturday: Operation Rain Check is about 3 ½-4 hrs. We decided maybe in April. We decided to use the April meeting to plan it, along with everything else we have coming up, such as Discover Aviation Day.

EAA Chapter 1252 Meeting notes from Tuesday, February 6th, 2018

17 attendees – Doug R, Joe L, Steve J, Darryn D, Paul & Katie H, Mike W, Ray E, Ted, Sarah K, Tim R, Paul & Vicki, Dan M, Steve D, Jim Y, Mike M – Good meeting with lots of discussion!

Mike W is looking into getting generic business cards with EAA Chapter 1252 logo on the front and our event listing on the back - Lots of benefits for passing cards out.

Mike W talked a bit about next month’s Thunderbolt presentation & Lycoming story. It should be a good one – please plan to attend.

Boy Scout Aviation Merit Badge day will be at the DAC hangar in the Lorain County Airport on Saturday, March 10th. We will do the ‘stations’ in the morning and then, if possible, give the participants a Young Eagle flight. We will also serve lunch (Vicki will pick up beverages, chips & hot dogs) – after each participant has flown. If flights aren’t a possibility, each will receive a coupon for a YE flight at Discover Aviation Day, May 19th. We will try to fly the scouts prior to opening up flights for the general public.

Please let Doug know about any Boy Scout contacts you have. 717-386-6167 or

Steve J suggested having one of the stations to be a ‘hayride’ airport tour – Vicki volunteered to run it, although thought a walking tour might be better, due to liability concerns.

We will limit the number of Scouts to 50

Mike W reminded us dues are due. Please pay Ted Green or mail to PO Box 552, Columbia Station 44028.

Treasurer report was given by Ted – we still have over $3000 in the account

Mike W mentioned it would be nice to have banners made. Mike M advised us EAA will make them for us, if we’d like, at our cost.

Steve J told us about a program Midview has where they will pay people to come in & do programs. Vicki let them know she & Patty have a program and offered to see if it might be something Midview would be interested in.

We briefly discussed PHASTAR. The school will want to bring kids to fly. They currently have less than 50 students. There was some interest in touring the high school. Paul suggested they come to the task force meeting this Friday. 1440 Lakeside Ave in Cleveland at 11:30.

There was another heated discussion about bringing meetings back to 4G8. We decided to stay with the VFW and leaving events at LPR for now. Doug pointed out Mole field is for sale – could a bunch of EAA members pool together & buy it?

Mike W suggesting having chapters combine over time.

There was some talk about Oshkosh – time to start planning!

Mike W discussed getting another plane, maybe a light sport, to get more people in the air. Since we’re not a big building club, maybe we should put more effort into investing in our young people. Another plane would help us do that. DAC offered to help. Since the chapter cannot own a plane and there is a lot of overlap between EAA & DAC, maybe the DACFC could obtain a light sport. Paul & Vicki agreed to work with MRK in order to keep a plane at LPR, if needed. There was a lot more offline discussion on this, after the conclusion of the meeting.

Paul K mentioned DAC will offer flight currency programs which offers a hands on alternative to online courses. DAC will start basic indoc programs in May & expand from there. Will offer flight reviews to anyone interested at no cost, other than what the CFI charges ($50-60), replacing the biannual review.

Mike M brought up sending kids to air academy – we have a couple hundred $$s of points, which could be used to buy banners/business cards, given to another chapter, or used for 1252 to send a kid to Air Academy. Ray E suggested a motion to send a student to Air Academy. Darryn D second it. Per Mike – the only slots are from 12-15 – June 16-20 or 22-26We currently have 2 fund raisers – the Pancake Breakfast at Discover Aviation Day & the Flyro Gyro. We may want to think of other ways to raise more funds.