Next Meeting Tuesday, October 1st, 2019
VFW Hall, Columbia Station, Ohio
The kitchen is now open for your dining pleasure. Come early, fill your tummy, and support the VFW.
The VFW kitchen is now offering a taco bar on Tuesdays.
Our social hour begins at 6:00 with a program starting at 7:00.
Feel free to bring friends.

Meetings are normally held the first Tuesday of the month at the Columbia Station VFW,
25742 Royalton Rd, Columbia Station, OH
Doors open by 6 P.M. with a social hour from 6 to 7. Program beginning at 7.
VMC/IMC Club meeting to follow the program around 8pm.

To learn more about VMC/IMC Clubs click here.

You are encouraged to come early and order food and drinks from the VFW bar. The hall is ours to use - at no charge. In return, we would like to support their business as much as possible.

Visitors welcome. If you would like to become a chapter member dues are $20 for the year. National membership is recommended but no longer required. Let's make 2019 a year of rejuvenation and growth!

March meeting notes
First of all - For those of you who haven't already seen it on Facebook, I have an announcement to make! EAA Chapter 1252 has been awarded the $10,000 James Ray scholarship!!!!  This is to give one youth, between the ages of 15 & 18 the training he or she needs to obtain a private pilot license.  Thank you to Katie Hancheck for submitting our application and agreeing to head the program!  Please let Katie know if you have anyone in mind who could benefit from this scholarship.

And now - back to our March meeting notes:

Thank you Gary Kohler for coming out to talk to our chapter!  We all enjoyed meeting you & Sally, as well as your presentation.  And thank you to Sandy M for setting it up.

Our chili cook-off will be at the Koziol's (13217 W River Rd in Columbia) on March 23rd!  Please bring a chili for tasting or a side dish.  We will start around 4, with tasting beginning at 5.  BYOB. Pop & water will be provided.  Let me know if you have any questions. 

Our first IMC meeting was quite successful.  We would like your feedback as to how you thought it went & suggestions on how to improve it.  

Our next meeting will be a potluck at the VFW, on April 2nd. Feel free to bring guests.  We will show a documentary on the last flight of the British bomber, the Vulcan.  The IMC club will meet afterwards. 

 We have not decided when we will do the Boy Scout Aviation Merit Badge day.  Discover Aviation is planning to start a Scout Explorer Post.  We may be able to incorporate the Merit Badge day with it.  

We are taking suggestions as to ideas on how to thank our speakers.  Some feel typical gifts such as hats, t-shirts, plaques, etc usually end up in a drawer somewhere and it might be nice to give something a little more practical.  Since there is no speaker in April, we agreed to continue the discussion at the next board meeting.  Also - We need to get better at greeting our speakers & new attendees.  We will discuss creating a welcoming committee at the next board meeting. 

Discover Aviation Day Fly-in and Young Eagle Rally is May 18th!  Please let me know how you would like to help.  The chapter will be putting on a pancake breakfast & flying kids.  

Mike Kole recently read a book called The Big Show, about a French Fighter Pilot, Pierre Clostermann, who took notes after each of his missions.  He thought it very informative & compelling and highly recommends it!  Your local library should carry it. 

We have a couple of opportunities to fly Young Eagles coming up which I forgot to mention.  The first is our "Walk, Run, Fly"  boot camp style 5K that will be at the Lorain County Airport April 27th.  This is mostly a run, but if we had a couple of pilots available to fly any kids who might be interested, it would be a nice touch.  The other is at Burke Lakefront Airport on June 1st, called "The Sprout Experience", which offers kids in Northeast OH experiences they wouldn't normally have available to them.  June 1st will be their aviation day.  IWASM is helping organize it & asked if we could help by offering YE rides.  There are only 8 girls signed up, so we wouldn't need many pilots. 

Tentative 2019 Calendar

March 23rd – chili cook-off at the Koziol's from 4-8, with tasting to begin at 5:00

April 2 – monthly meeting: 6-7 social hour, 7 British bomber Vulcan documentary, IMC club to follow

April 23rd - Walk Run, Fly!  A bootcamp style 5K run at the Lorain County Airport (YE Rides?)

May 7 - monthly meeting 7-8:30, social hour from 6-7

May 17 - Cookout and set-up party at DAC

May 18 - Discover Aviation Day Fly-in and Young Eagle rally at LPR from 9-2

June 1 - The Sprout Experience.  Aviation day at the Burke Lakefront Airport (YE Rides?)

June 4 - monthly meeting 7-8:30, social hour from 6-7

July 2 – New Oshkosh NOTAMS – Paul Koziol (or someone else) 7-8:30, social hour from 6-7

July 22-28 - OSHKOSH!

August 6 - monthly meeting 7-8:30, social hour from 6-7

Sept 10 - monthly meeting 7-8:30, social hour from 6-7

September 21 - Flyro Gyro

October 1 - monthly meeting 7-8:30, social hour from 6-7

November 5 - monthly meeting 7-8:30, social hour from 6-7

December 1 - Christmas party

See you all soon!


Vicki Koziol
Discover Aviation Center

February 2019 Meeting Notes

Rich Hovan gave an interesting presentation at Tuesday's meeting, including lots of pictures, on the Combat Talon C-130s.  If you would like more information, he recommended the book “Combat Talons in Vietnam: Recovering a Covert Special Ops Crew”, written by John Gargus.  Some of Rich’s photographs are included in the book.

In our short meeting after the presentation, we realized we have no good way of thanking our speakers, prompting suggestions of hats, certificates, plaques, and shirts.  We will discuss further at the next board meeting. 

It was determined Chapter 1252 will start an IMC/VMC club.  Times & locations of combining it with our regular first Tuesday of the month meeting at the VFW, the first Saturday morning of each month at DAC at the Lorain County Airport, or a separate day at the VFW were discussed.  It was determined the March IMC meeting will be immediately after our March presentation on March 5th.  We can always change it later if we decide combining the two meetings isn’t the best fit.

Mike McCoy announced Heather Kavik has been accepted as our first recipient to go to the Young Eagles Academy in Oshkosh.  Congratulations Heather!

Mark your calendars and get your recipes out! The Chili cook-off has been tentatively scheduled for Saturday March 23rd, at the Koziol’s, starting at 4 or 5:00.

Our next presentation will be Tuesday, March 5th with speaker Gary Kohler.  Gary is a Sikorsky helicopter test pilot.  Feel free to invite friends & family – all are welcome! 

Vicki Koziol

EAA Chapter 1252 Secretary 


January 2019 Meeting Notes

We enjoyed an interesting presentation by Radek Wryzykowski, who started the IMC club years ago & recently merged with EAA to incorporate EAA chapters. There was quite a bit of interest in starting our own IMC club, which basically is pilots talking about different flight scenarios and the various options on how to deal with each, with the idea to increase safety & proficiency through education gained by experience.  We could have a separate monthly meeting for the IMC/VMC club or combine it with our normal 1st Tuesday of the month meeting.  Whether we form a club or not, Radek encourages each pilot to go to the “Tell us your Story” tab on  the IMC website and share your stories.

Ted is now taking membership dues for 2019.  Dues are still only $20!
We've had many people already pay for 2019, which is encouraging.  If you haven't yet & would like to be an official meeting of Chapter 1252, please pay your $20 to Ted or Vicki.  Although our monthly gatherings are open to anyone, member benefits include being invited to board meetings (much more fun that they sound) and exclusive Oshkosh opportunities.

   We are looking into getting official EAA name tags for all members.
Paul & Katie will find out person in Medina who does them.  I checked out possibly getting them from Office Max but it looks like it would be more expensive to do so.  We will also order more blank ones for guests.  If you have a name tag, please remember to wear it at chapter functions.  I will continue to keep name tags together to bring so you don't have to worry about forgetting them.

Sandy has offered to contact Sikorsky pilot Gary Kohler to speak at our March meeting.  Thank you Sandy!

Due to a lack of nominations - again - we decided to keep the 2018 officers in place for a second (third?) term, with the exception of Mike Worthington who asked to step down as president.  Unless there are any other nominees, Steve Janowski agreed to step in as president.  Mike will stay on as a board member.  Other officers are Vice president Ray Ebner, Treasurer Ted Green, and me as Secretary.  Mike McCoy will (always!) remain Young Eagle coordinator & Katie Hancheck has agreed to accept the possible new position of the James Ray scholarship coordinator, if we qualify for the scholarship.  Current board members consist of Mike Worthington, Dan Maly, Katie & Paul Hancheck, & Paul Koziol.  Please let me know if you are interested in being a board member.

Mike M did a 2018 Young Eagles recap.  We flew 188 kids over 4 events!  A big Thank You! to all the pilots that made this happen.  You, along with our other wonderful volunteers, are the reason our chapter succeeds in reaching so many kids! Mike also passes around two very nice thank you letters we received from girl scouts flown.

We hope to send 2 students to Air Academy this year and already have a couple of applicants!  If you know of anyone between the ages 12 & 18, who might be interested, please have them fill out an application.   Awesome program & great opportunity for a future aviator!
(Update February 1, 2019)
We still have an opening for an Air Academy student.  If you know anyone who might be interested, please have them fill out the application.  The chapter usually pays for all expenses except for travel.

The idea of our chapter hosting a Flying start program, which is EAA's replacement of the Eagles program, was mentioned but then shelved for a later meeting.  The idea is to focus on learning how to fly, through holding a safety seminar, ending with a possible ride rather than just giving someone a free airplane ride.

The Davis Aerospace & Maritime High School has started an Aviation Club & is looking for people to speak at one of their Friday afternoon meetings.  If you can spare an hour around 3:00 any Friday to talk about any subject related to aviation or if you work in an aviation field, just to talk about yourself & your job, they would love to have you!  Let me know if you're interested & I will coordinate.

Please keep long time member Ester Kenik & her family in your prayers.  Ester has been battling some health issues for a few months now.  We wish her a speedy recovery!!
(Additional Notes)

We definitely want to apply for the Ray James scholarship, which is $10,000 to sponsor a student to get a private pilot's license.  More info to come!

With the increasing pilot shortage, more & more scholarships are being offered.  We discussed AOPA's one for teachers learning how to fly.  

Vicki Koziol

EAA Chapter 1252 Secretary 


2019 Officers

President - Steve Janowski

Vice President - Ray Ebner 

Treasurer - Ted Green (330-241-8353)

Secretary - Vicki Koziol (440-236-6594)

Young Eagle Coordinator – Mike McCoy (440-915-8691)

Technical advisor – Doug Robison

Flight advisor – open (To be appointed)