News From Our Board

The EAA Chapter 1252 leaders, Mike Worthington, Ray Ebner, Ted Green, Vicki Koziol, & Mike McCoy, and members Dan Maly and Paul & Katie Hancheck attended the first chapter board meeting.  Dan Maly & Katie Hancheck were appointed as board members.  Steve Janowski has also agreed to be on the board.  Board meetings are always open to all paid chapter members.

Discover Aviation Day was discussed:

Come up with a better way to let kids know when it is their turn for a YE ride.

Suggestions were..

Have a dedicated person to text kids.

Putting the info on TV screens.

Create an app to alert them, or for parents to monitor.

Do it more the way Kids in Flight, Wings of Wonder does it.

The Bake sale was great this year – thank you Larry K for bringing the goodies in and to everyone who baked.  Yum!

We, like many other chapters for their YE events, could have used more pilots - perhaps collaborate with chapter 846?

Some did NOT like that parking was past the taxi-way. 

We should try to have more committees to meet on specific topics (auto & plane parking, YE, breakfast, etc.) before event.

We noted how much food we used – will shoot for the same amount next year. 

We need to have an extra ‘floater’ to hand out water & break people and to make sure there is food available for our volunteers & CAP kids.

The May 26yh YE rally at Burke was discussed. (note - although we only had 2 pilots, we were able to fly all 30 Davis A&M students that came)

The next board meeting still needs to be scheduled.  Vicki will give a brief overview of what she learned at the leadership academy in Oshkosh. 


Vicki Koziol

EAA Chapter 1252 secretary 
Discover Aviation Center