We all know our motto, but do any of us really know what it means? We as a chapter have the perfect combination of all of these. It is these qualities that make up our chapter that give us all, endless opportunities to do what we want to do. It is these qualities that make us the family that we are. But what makes up the qualities that so few realize exist?

Every single member of our chapter plays a key role in our survival, for without one of these qualities we become just another EAA chapter. Of all the chapters I have visited, EAA 1252 is maybe the closest as a family of all other chapters out there. We all inspire others, and it is all of us that make little kids look up and say, “Look mommy, there’s an airplane up in the sky!”Andrew J. Walker

Andrew J. Walter


First it’s the builders. It’s the builders that say, “I want to build a plane”. But why go through the trouble of building a plane? It’s not something you do because you’re bored. It’s something you do, because it’s something that inspires you. It’s something that at the end of the project, you get a satisfaction that is like no other. For the first time you lift your machine off the ground, you feel like you rise above all others. You feel like this because it was you that said “forget building a car, or a boat…I’m going to do what so few have done. I’m going to build a plane”. And it was you that spent the time to make your creation come to life. But most importantly of all, it was you that learned more about airplanes and more about your greatest love…flying.


The flyers are a different story. It is the fliers who say “I want to escape gravity. I want to go into a different world, the world that exists above the clouds”. And it is the flyers that inspire people to look at aviation in a different way. It’s the flyers who can’t get enough of flying and do it, not to show off, but because it is our passion. It is the flyers like Paul who look at a kid like Garret and say “I bet I can make a difference, and change this kid’s life by taking him…flying”.  But what is it about the magic of flight that has the power to give people a different lease on life? Maybe it’s the beauty of being above the clouds on a rainy day. Maybe it’s just being up there looking down on the world, rising above your troubles and more importantly, rising above yourself and accomplishing your goals. And you will always know a flyer, for they will always be staring at the sky.


There is also another group in our family that gaze skywards, who are always fantasizing about aviation…the dreamers. It is the dreamers who say, “I want to fly higher, farther…faster”. It is the dreamers who say “I want to do the impossible”. It is the dreamer who often gets a lot of, “Oh that’ll never happen you’re a fool”. And it is the dreamer, who proves everyone wrong. It is the dreamers who have made the greatest aircraft of all time. It is the dreamers who have made some of the greatest accomplishments in aviation history. But who are the dreamers? You can’t tell who they are by looking at them, and you can’t tell by talking to them. This is because we are all dreamers. We all wake up and push the envelope. We do this every time we go flying, because we have all accomplished something that man was not supposed to do. We have accomplished…flight.