Next Meeting Tuesday, December 1st, 2020

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Meetings are normally held the first Tuesday of the month at the Columbia Station VFW,
25742 Royalton Rd, Columbia Station, OH

Doors open by 6 P.M. with a social hour from 6 to 7. Meeting begins at 7.

VMC/IMC Club meeting to follows the program around 8pm.

To learn more about VMC/IMC Clubs click  here.

You are encouraged to come early and order food and drinks from the VFW bar.
The hall is ours to use at no charge.
In return, we would like to support their business as much as possible.
Tuesdays feature a "Taco Bar" 

Visitors welcome. If you would like to become a chapter member dues are $20 for the year. National membership is not longer required.
Let's make 2020 a year of rejuvenation and growth!


Chapter 1252 Board Meeting Notes Monday 2/24/2020


  • Build and Fly
    Mike McCoy will draft a Build and Fly program introduction letter.
    Once it is ready, Steve DeBrosse will distribute to the membership list via e-mail.


    Ray Scholarship

    • Chapter 1252 did not make the deadline for this year's EAA Ray Scholarship program. Katie Hancheck is checking with EAA national whether there will be a second application window, and any alternate options such as a partial scholarship.
    • The group discussed whether AOPA would be another option for sponsorship.
    • Katie Hancheck is looking into additional options for sponsorship (e.g. manufacturers, airlines, etc.)
    • Mike Worthington has a group of Polaris students who are interested in flight training scholarships. Mike Hill is currently working with Davis A&M students to provide primary flight training, and those students are also interested in scholarships.


      Upcoming Speakers

      • No speaker scheduled for March. The March 3rd meeting will feature the EAA ChapterGram video and the IMC Club video/discussion.
      • Katie looked through the speaker list on EAA for potential options for future meetings.
      • Vern Rodgers was suggested as April speaker (Parker Hannifin—Wheel and Brake)
      • Dan Maly suggested NASA Glenn as a potential option for  obtaining speakers. Katie found a form online to request a speaker; a 6 to 8 week lead time is required for booking.
      • Dan Maly suggested contacting the Air National Guard in Mansfield. Ray 


        Discover Aviation Day/EAA National Learn to Fly Day

        • The group discussed a recent mailing from EAA National regarding EAA's annual Learn to Fly Day, also scheduled for May 16th.
        • National would provide a presentation and promotional materials. Chapters that host a Flying Start event during the month of May will received two free weekly passes to AirVenture 2020.
        • The requirements:
        • A place to meet
        • Volunteer pilots to give Eagle Flights
        • A CFI from a local flight school or flying club
        • Presentation and promotional materials from EAA (PowerPoint/Facebook content will be furnished by EAA National.)
        • The group discussed that at past Discover Aviation Days, adults who expressed interest in flight training have been referred to the Discover Aviation Flying Club (Private Pilot training or advanced ratings) or Zone Aviation (Sport Pilot training.)
        • The group discussed requiring Eagle Flight applicants to attend a follow-up chapter meeting in order to register. This would help limit to serious applicants vs. those just looking for a free airplane ride.


          Please let me know if you wish to be removed from this distribution list.
          Thank you,
          Steve DeBrosse

          Secretary, EAA Chapter 1252


January 2020 EAA 1252 board meeting notes

Here are the notes from the Tuesday, 1/7/2020 EAA Chapter 1252 meeting.

Officer Updates:
New officers were elected at the December 2019 board meeting. Officers are:
Ray Ebner, President
Katie Hancheck, Vice President
Ted Green, Treasurer
Steve DeBrosse, Secretary
Mike McCoy, Young Eagles Coordinator
Paul Koziol, Flight Advisor
Katie Hancheck, Scholarship Coordinator
Ray Ebner, IMC Club Coordinator
Dan Maly, Web Editor

EAA Chapter Leadership Academy
Signups for the EAA Chapter Leadership Academy in Oshkosh are now open.
Ray Ebner and Mike McCoy are registered for the April session (weekend of 4/17.)

Young Eagles Program
Ray Ebner received a certificate honoring him for 300 Young Eagle flights.
The group discussed a potential Young Eagles Day for the Boy Scouts. Vicki Koziol will provide further updates on scheduling. A similar event was held in 2019 for the Lorain County Civil Air Patrol

Mike Worthington suggested planning a Young Eagles Day for his Polaris students (approximately 16 high school juniors and seniors.)

2020 Chapter Calendar Planning
February Chapter Meeting (Tuesday 2/4) - Jim Bede, son of Jim Bede, is scheduled to speak about the Bede Aircraft business.
More details on 2020 chapter meeting guest speakers to follow.

Discover Aviation Day will be Saturday, May 16, 2020
Flyro Gyro will be Saturday, September 19, 2020

The Columbia VFW announced a steak dinner fundraiser to assist veterans on Saturday 2/29/2020 at 5:30 PM. Tickets are $25 each.

Chapter Dues Reminder
Chapter 1252 annual dues are $20. Please pay Ted Green, Chapter Treasurer

Ray Aviation Scholarship Program Updates
The 2019 scholarship recipient, David, attended the meeting. He reported that he has passed his Private Pilot knowledge (written) exam. David is currently at 55 flight hours, and he is awaiting final flight with his instructor for signoff to proceed with his Private Pilot practical test (check ride.) He will then take his check ride as soon as signed off by his instructor and the weather permits. Once he receives his Private Pilot rating, he intends to move down to Florida to attend ATP Flight Academy towards becoming a CFI and a career pilot.
Katie Hancheck presented David with a shirt on behalf of EAA.
The 2020 chapter application window is now open. Katie Hancheck is working on putting in the chapter's application prior to the 1/31/2020 deadline.

Chapter Donation
Bob Barris presented EAA Chapter 1252 with a $250 donation.
Mike McCoy proposed putting the donation towards the $500 cost of the Build and Fly kit. Mike McCoy raised a motion, seconded by Katie Hancheck. Motion was approved without objection.
Build and Fly Program: Radio Control Model Build
EAA started the Build and Fly radio control model program in 2019, following AirVenture.
The program is Partnership between EAA and the Academy of Model Aeronautics (AMA.) Local EAA and AMA chapters partner up to sponsor builds. Chapter 1252 is partnering with the Lorain County R/C Club.
Anyone involved in the Build and Fly program is required to complete the EAA Protect Our Kids program. This requires a membership in EAA national. Mike McCoy is working with the Lorain County R/C Club so that their members can get six-month EAA memberships when the program starts.
The kit includes:
Model kit
Build supplies
Simulator software
A pre-built practice aircraft that can be flown indoors
The kit is $500; would be approximately $1500 if components were purchased separately. Mike McCoy is awaiting pricing on additional planes.
Build activities will start in early sprint once the weather gets warmer. The build site is TBD. Mike McCoy is working out insurance coverage.

Other New Business
Sandy Mauer suggested a chapter fly-out this spring (April) to a location such as Port Clinton.

Ray Ebner received an e-mail from EAA Chapter 5 (Geauga County) requesting EAA Young Eagle credits to send some additional attendees to Air Academy in Oshkosh. Mike McCoy is awaiting a letter on current Chapter 1252 credit balance. Mike Worthington raised a motion to give the board decision authority to transfer credits to Chapter 5. Sarah Keesler seconded. Motion passed without objection.

Mike Worthington thanked the chapter for ongoing support of his Polaris students, including recognizing Sarah Keesler for the Oberlin ATC tour and Dan Maly for speaking about meteorology.

Please let me know if you have any questions, corrections, or additions to these notes.

Thank you,
Steve DeBrosse
EAA Chapter 1252


November 2019 EAA 1252 board meeting notes

Congratulations to the newly elected EAA Chapter 1252 officers!!

President - Ray Ebner
Vice President - Katie Hancheck
Secretary - Steve Debrosse
Treasurer - Ted Green
All officer positions are for a 2 year term. 
The following appointed positions will remain the same:
Young Eagle Coordinator - Mike McCoy
IMC/VMC Coordinator - Ray Ebner
James Ray Scholarship Coordinator - Katie Hancheck
Other appointed positions, including board members, will be assigned later.  Please contact any of the new officers, if you are interested in fulfilling a position.
Our December meeting will be our annual Christmas party December 8th.  This year will be at the Koziol's (13217 W River Rd in Columbia Station).  We'll start around 2 with dinner being served around 4.  The chapter will provide ham & kielbasi.  Plan to bring a dish to share, your beverage of choice, and, if you would like to participate in the gift exchange, a white elephant gift.  Please RSVP here so we know how many people to plan for.  
EAA Chapter 1252 & the Lorain County RC club are going to team up to do EAA's Build & Fly project!  Mike McCoy is coordinating this & will be contacting EAA to get the ball rolling. 
The Chapter flew over 160 Young Eagles this year!  We get credits for each YE flown which we can put towards sending kids to air academy or anything else used to promote the YE program.  Mike will see if we can use them for the Build & Fly project.  We are also accepting donations to put towards the project.  Please contact Mike if you would like to donate. 
Update on our James Ray Scholarship recipient - David has slowed down a bit in his training due to the weather & scheduling around the holidays but is still doing great & on track to get his license.  
Remember to make sure your Youth protection program on is up to date if you plan to help with any YE events.  We need to make sure any volunteers, working directly with kids, has gone through the online program.
Ted is now accepting dues for 2020.  Membership is still only $20 pp, for the year.  
Hope to see you all next Sunday at the Christmas party!

Vicki Koziol
EAA Chapter 1252 Secretary 


November meeting notes

Hey everyone - our Boy Scout Aviation Merit Badge day is this Sunday, the 10th. We could really use a couple of more volunteers to help out. Please let Steve Janowski or me know if you can spare a couple of hours on Sunday. We will start at 9:00. There will be 5 stations & then lunch afterwards. There will be fewer than 30 scouts so it shouldn't take too long.

Here are some other notes from Tuesday's meeting:

It's election time again. The only nominations received are as follows:
Ray Ebner - president
Katie Hancheck - vice president
Sarah Keesler - secretary
Ted Green - treasurer
Steve Debrosse also mentioned he would be willing to help out
Anyone else interested in becoming an officer or nominating someone else? We will vote at the Christmas party or the next Board meeting. Other positions, which are appointed, include Young Eagle coordinator (Mike McCoy), Scholarship coordinator (Katie Hancheck), IMC Club (Ray Ebner), Newsletter Editor (open), Web Editor (Dan Maly), Eagle Flight coordinator (open), Membership Coordinator (open), Flight Advisor (open) & board members. Please contact any of the current officers if you are interested in any of these positions. This is your chance to help move the chapter forward!

Speaking of the Christmas party, we changed it from December 7th, to the 8th, still at the Koziol's, still starting around 3. We will put out an RSVP page & details on the gift exchange, back by popular demand! The Cleveland Chapter of Women in Aviation Int'l is having a pancake breakfast at the DAC hangar the morning of the 8th. Plenty of time to do both! (and even squeeze a little football in there too)

Our Ray Scholarship recipient, David Seville is doing great! He really enjoys flying, has already soled & is working on his cross country flights. He plans to take the written exam in the next week or so. He is progressing so well, we may have some funds left over & be able to help another student obtain a license. And - it's time to start looking for the next recipient between the age of 16 & 19! EAA is taking applications for a 2020 Ray Scholarship, now through January 31st.

Young Eagle report by Mike McCoy:
- We flew 5 kids at the CAP hangar last Saturday. Thank you Katie Hancheck, Paul Koziol & Dan Maly for running the YE flights & to Ken Sink for organizing the event!
- EAA is providing a new opportunity for us to pursue! They are providing an RC eKadet kit, including all the materials, tools, plans, instructions, & electronics, for a low cost of $500. We would team up with a local RC club & help youths build & then learn to fly the RC aircraft. Mike McCoy has volunteered to follow up on this project . Check out this article for more information.

Sn FYI - AOPA is holding a seminar on "Difficult Decisions" at Burke Lakefront Airport tonight, Nov 7th, starting at 7:00pm. Visit here for details.

We watched EAA Corp's October Chapter Gram:
EAA would like each of us to take the Chapter survey! To do so, click on this link
Take Survey Now

All chapter members are highly encouraged go to a Chapter leadership academy - always a great time. There is one coming up in January. These are in Oshkosh. There is no cost & EAA provides all lodging & meals. These camps are extremely educational yet fun. You will come back motivated!

Ray Ebner held an IMC club meeting, after the regular meeting. Lots of good discussion!

Watch your in-boxes for info on the Christmas party.
See you all soon!!

Vicki Koziol
EAA Chapter 1252 secretary