Next Meeting Tuesday, May 4th, 2021

Please visit this website for changes or cancelations

Meetings are normally held the first Tuesday of the month at the Columbia Station VFW,
25742 Royalton Rd, Columbia Station, OH

Doors open by 6 P.M. with a social hour from 6 to 7. Meeting begins at 7.

VMC/IMC Club meeting to follows the program around 8pm.

To learn more about VMC/IMC Clubs click  here.

You are encouraged to come early and order food and drinks from the VFW bar.
The hall is ours to use at no charge.
In return, we would like to support their business as much as possible.
Tuesdays feature a "Taco Bar" 

Visitors welcome. If you would like to become a chapter member dues are $20 for the year. National membership is not longer required.
Let's make 2021 a year of rejuvenation and growth!


March 6, 2021 Meeting Notes
In Attendance: Steve DeBrosse, Ray Ebner, Ayal Epstein, Ken Hagan, Tommy Hagan, Paul Hancheck, Katie Hancheck, Steve Janowski, Mike McCoy, Paul Koziol (via telephone), Rob Krane, Dan Maly, Sandy Mauer, Jim Yurichak

Old Business

 Chapter Trailer Repair
Paul Hancheck and Steve Janowski reported on the chapter trailer repairs in progress at Skypark. The fenders and floor are done. Next up are wiring, lights, interior walls, and paint. The trailer may also require tire and bearing replacement. It may be possible to reuse some of the interior paneling. Paul Hancheck will submit receipts to the chapter for reimbursement.
Upcoming Meeting Speakers/Formats
Ray Ebner will speak with Paul Koziol about doing a flight safety seminar
The group discussed having meetings as a cookout format this summer, potentially at Elyria. The picnic pavilion in the park outside the VFW may be another option.
2021 Ray Aviation Scholarship
Katie Hancheck reported that there are currently two candidates. They have until 4/12 to return their application essays. Additional applications/nominations will be accepted in the interim. A small committee of EAA 1252 and DAC members will interview the finalists
There is also a $1000 flight training scholarship available from a local benefactor.
2022 Air Academy (2021 Canceled)
Mike McCoy provided an update on Air Academy. Chapters who had registrations in for 2021 will still get priority, but will need to re-register. Chapter 1252 can get one registration for Advanced, and can reserve more than one seat in lower age brackets. 
Young Eagles Program
Mike McCoy has a question out to EAA National on what years (2019,2020,2021) of unused points are still available. Young Eagle points can also be used to purchase additional model building kits. Points will be doubled for Young Eagle rides in the months of June, July, and August. Mike McCoy has received two emails regarding potential interest Young Eagle passengers; pilots wanted. Young Eagle Workshop kits are being offered by EAA National for $35.
Build and Fly Program
Mike McCoy will reach out to the AMA chapter regarding potential program resumption this summer. The team discussed potential build sites, including LPR (Discover Aviation) and Mike McCoy's house. The list of interested participants will be revisited given the time lag.
Tri-Motor Visit
Paul Koziol reported that Signature at BKL cannot accommodate the Tri-Motor in their hangar. Drew Ferguson (PHASTAR) will talk with Signature to see if anything further can be done, including storage at the old Aviation High School. Paul Koziol will also talk with Doug McConnell to see if LPR is a possibility. The chapter may have to find an alternate base (including PCW.) Hopkins (CLE) would be logistically difficult due to taxi time and distance.
Leadership Academy
The April Leadership Academy has been cancelled. Ray Ebner noted that the next available Academy is scheduled for October.
Discover Aviation Day - Saturday 5/22
Paul Koziol will have to clear with the condo association. Dan Maly is holding off from posting information until details are confirmed with Paul. The group suggested doing an online registration via the chapter website/Google Docs. Young Eagles can use the National tool for ride pre-registration. A pancake breakfast and lunch service are still planned; precautions will be taken similar to Flyro Gyro. Volunteer(s) still wanted for the Flying Start program.
Chapter Update Video
The chapter video provided an update on Airventure opportunities for chapter fundraising (pancake breakfasts) and camping registration, along with reminders on double points for Young Eagle rides given June - August.


New Business

Airventure 2021

Mike McCoy will organize a list of chapter attendees and where they will be staying. The chapter plans on staking out one or two camping sites. Katie Hancheck suggested setting up a Google Doc for tracking.
IMC Club Answer
When receiving any clearance from the Air Traffic Control (ATC) IFR or VFR, what part do you have to read back? What part should you read back? Does any regulation govern it?
The answer:
The AIM in 4-4-7 b states:
“ATC Clearance/Instruction Read-back.
Pilots of airborne aircraft should read back those parts of ATC clearances and instructions containing altitude assignments, vectors, or runway assignments as a means of mutual verification. The read-back of the “numbers” serves as a double check between pilots and controllers and reduces the kinds of communications errors that occur when a number is either “misheard” or is incorrect.”
The Air Traffic controller’s manual says in 2-4-3:
a. When issuing clearances or instructions, ensure acknowledgment by the pilot.
NOTE - Pilots may acknowledge clearances, instructions, or other information by using “Wilco,” “Roger,” “Affirmative,” or other words or remarks.
REFERENCE - AIM, Para 4-2-3, Contact Procedures.
b. If altitude, heading, or other items are read back by the pilot, ensure the read-back is correct.If incorrect or incomplete, make corrections as appropriate.”
IMC Club Scenario
The scenario video featured a nighttime flight in instrument meteorological conditions, under instrument flight rules, during which the pilot suddenly spotted aircraft navigation lights at a similar cruising altitude. 
Midwest Flyer Magazine
Here is a link to the April/May 2021 issue. Once there, select your choice of On-Line versions: PDF or Interactive.
Steve DeBrosse
EAA Chapter 1252