On May 5, 2017
David Page passed away from natural causes
at his home in Strongsville, OH.

David was a commercial pilot with 30+ distinguished years serving primarily with Continental Airlines. Survivors include his wife, Vicki Page (nee Kepler); his brother, Mark Page of Little Compton, RI.; and his sister, Meg Page (Brad McIlvaine) of Rockville, MD.; his stepsons, TJ (Michele) Smith of Medway, MA., and Steven Smith of Fairbanks, AK.; as well as nieces, Keegan Page, Addison Page and Riley McIlvaine. He was preceded in death by his brother, Robert "Wes" Page, Jr. in 2007; and his parents, Robert W. And Nancy Page (nee Eaton). The family suggests that memorial contributions be made to the Cleveland Animal Protective League, 1729 Willey Ave., Cleveland, OH 44113


EAA Chapter 1252 Remembers Greg Hedglen, 85, passed away April 18, 2017.

Beloved husband of Joan for 60 years. Dear father of Mardy Flanagan(Robert), Shawn Heidinger(Craig),
Tracy Sabol(Richard) and the late Barton and Kerry. Brother of 5.

Proud U.S. Marine and Air Force Veteran.

Memorial contributions may be made to Heroes Harbor Hospice, 10701 E. Blvd., Cleveland OH 44106;
Please make check payable to: Dept. of Veteran Affairs Attention: Voluntary Services.


So sad to hear this news. Me Hedglen was a great person whose company I enjoyed. I remember fondly, him sharing stories about cars, planes and patriotism! Our prayers go out to Joan and the family.
Steve J

They were regulars at the Columbia H.S. seniors breakfast and he enjoyed talking about aviation and chapter 1252.
Sandy M

I fondly remember Greg as being rather quiet, but with a twinkle in his eye and eager to share stories with anyone who would take the time to say hi. He is missed.
Vicki K


July 9, 2015


Yesterday morning Jim Bede flew west. Jim’s contributions to our family at EAA Chapter 1252 will always be with us. We have been blessed to have him and have been touched dearly by his sense of humor, great story telling skills and his flirtatious behavior. He is and always will be Jim Bede.

Tears will be shed, stories will be told and memories will be shared. We will grieve and we will cry and as time passes we will laugh and remember. We all have a story about Jim. He touched our lives in a way that only Jim Bede could. That made us better and kept our passion for all things with wings alive.

Jim would eagerly share a joke with you to see you smile and has endured a lifetime of triumphs and tragedies. His sense of humor is what I will miss the most.
Jim Bede might arguably be the best aerospace engineer of his time, designing airplanes built for the future of mankind, far beyond the technology of yesterday and today. Jim Bede was also a great husband, father and best friend to anyone who was lucky enough to know him.

We will miss you on this earth and can only imagine what you’re building in heaven.

Say Hi to Vic Fontana and Paul Poberezny…Jim Bede.

Paul Koziol


EAA Chapter 1252 hosted a memorial service at Discover Aviation Center on August 1st and celebrated his life in Oshkosh.
There was a cookout at the Discover Aviation Center at KLPR. Many came to join and to continue to celebrate aviation and all the people that make it possible, past and present. There was even be a little “smoke oil” to share.


Jim Bede, Designer – Flyer - Dreamer
To be honored in the memorial wall ceremony on the last day of AirVenture - Sunday, July 30th, 2017 - at 10:00.
Jim Bede was a colorful man who loved aviation.  He was a brilliant engineer whose aircraft designs revolutionized the home built market. Those close to Jim remember him as a mentor, a friend, and a father figure. He always had a mischievous smile when you spoke to him and was always quick with a joke. Jim was a devoted lifetime member of EAA (Lifetime #3758). He would frequently share fond memories of the early days of EAA, such as how he and Paul Poberezny would make ‘Smoke Oil’ – their secret concoction of various alcohols. It was there way of sneaking drinks onto the airfield.

Jim was born April 17th, 1933 in Cleveland, OH.  His love of airplanes started early in life and his passion for design was with him always. He graduated at the top of his class from Wichita State University with a degree in aeronautical engineering and joined North American Aviation as a performance engineer. He left there in 1961 to start Bede Aircraft Corporation.

Considered one of the best airplane designers ever, Jim Bede designed and built more planes, received more awards, holds more patents and has garnered more attention than nearly anyone else in the aviation industry. Jim made his first foray into the experimental aviation world with his original BD-1. It had innovative features that included bonding the aluminum structure instead of riveting. This later evolved to become the Grumman Yankee. His later designs include the BD-4 and the extreme long range BD-2 - in which Jim broke three distance records and took a shot at a solo globe-circling record in 1969. One of his most famous designs is the iconic BD-5J, which was powered by a jet engine and became known for its flying sequences in the James Bond movie Octopussy.

Jim’s contribution to the homebuilt evolution is monumental. The BD4 was truly the first home built kit aircraft. He never quit trying to build a more efficient design which was affordable to the average aviator. He dedicated his life to designing homebuilt aircrafts and helping people build them. Jim was always there for anyone who asked anything of him, even to a fault. He would take calls at any time and if he didn’t have an answer for a problem, he would work on it until he solved it.

Jim, a devoted husband, father, grandfather, great-grandfather, friend, and a beloved member of the aviation community, was surrounded by his wife, children and his grandchildren on July 9th, 2015 when he succumbed to a brain aneurysm. His enthusiasm for aviation lives on through the Bede Family Foundation which focus is to introduce kids to the wonderful world of aviation.