Discover Aviation Day 2019

It was a great day!
Wonderful turnout, and the weather did nothing but improve.

Over 100 Young Eagles flown.
Thank you to all our volunteers, and thanks to all who shared these photos.
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Our January 2019 meeting featured guest speaker Radek Wyrzykowski,
EAA's Manager, Flight Proficiency
Radek gave an excellent presentation on the global success of the VMC/IMC Club which he founded in 2010. It was interesting to learn how these clubs work and how to form one. Our chapter is now working to form a club locally.  These IMC/VMC clubs are designed to help pilots improve their proficiency by working through real-world IMC/VMC scenarios.
IMC = Instrument Meteorological Conditions - Flying on instruments alone.
VMC = Visual Meteorological Conditions - Flying looking out the window.

Our September 2018 - Flyro Gyro
The event was a great success.
The weather was beautiful and we were able to fly around 70 Young Eagles.
Thanks to all our pilots and volunteers who helped to make this a great day at our local airport.
Lots of smiling faces!


Our September 2018 meeting featured Tony Hurst (CFII / DPE)
Tony's lifetime in aviation, and his knowledge of what's happening in General Aviation today, held his audience captive for more than 90 minutes.


Our October 2nd 2018 meeting - A very special evening!
What an amazing night, John Hughes received the EAA Chapter 1252 Lifetime Achievement Award 

Guest Speaker Ray Brown – Aviator Extraordinaire 
Ray gave a very entertaining presentation about his lifetime in aviation and his other major accomplishments.
Thanks Ray