EAA Chapter 1252 Congratulates David Seville.

In March 2019 EAA Chapter 1252 was awarded the Ray Aviation Scholarship. This allowed our Chapter to give a deserving young adult between the ages of 16 to 19 the opportunity to receive their Private Pilots Certificate – fully paid for by EAA.

Our Chapter received a total of 9 applications from high school students wishing to pursue a career in aviation. Our Chapter chose David Seville’s application because of his love of, and his desire to build a career in aviation. David became our Chapter’s first recipient of the $10,000 Ray Aviation Scholarship which would allow him to begin the journey to a career in aviation.

During the summer of 2019 David began his training – which at times was challenging. Obstacles such as aircraft availability, flight instructors and weather all presented road blocks along the way. It was especially frustrating for David toward the end of his journey. A “checkride” with a designated pilot examiner (DPE) is the final (somewhat stressful) requirement. If you fail it’s back to more training. If you pass you’re awarded the Private Pilot Certificate.
Scheduling his “checkride” became a real headache for David. Either the examiner wasn’t available or the weather turned sour on the scheduled day. Finally though, in mid April 2020, all the pieces came together. David and the examiner took to the sky and he showed the examiner he had all the “right stuff” to become a pilot.

Congratulations David Seville – now a Certified Private Pilot. David, you’ve conquered that first big step to a career in aviation. EAA Chapter 1252 is so proud of you.

What’s next? David would like to attend an Air Transportation Flight Academy towards becoming a Certified Flight Instructor and a career pilot.